About Us

Kuukivi was created to give joy to children and their parents.

Children gain what is most precious, that is closeness and warmth of their parent by carrying them in a sling. The parent, on the other hand, wears a sling which they like, which brings back nice memories, associated with favorite fairy tales or TV series. In addition, our slings are made of one of the best cotton in the world - Egyptian cotton. In our offer you will also find other blends which are very popular and ordered by parents mainly because of their properties. Silks, merino wool, linen - these admixtures can be found in our slings.

We have two lines of slings – basic and magic. Basic is a line of slings and wraps directed mainly to parents of children who are taking their first steps in the world of slings and wraps. In the basic offer there are slings of the heart and cone weave. In the magic sling section you will find slings with our own or inspired patterns. The slings inspired by fairy tales are very popular!

Are you wondering where the name comes from?

Kuukivi is Finnish for moonstone (kuu-moon, kivi – stone). Do you know this beautiful and precious mineral? Moonstone is one of the most unusual minerals. It is magical, just as our scarves are meant to be magical. It enchants with an unearthly radiance and emits a moonlight glow. This stone is a symbol of growth and strength, associated with feminine energy. That’s where the idea for our name came from.

Our baby slings are something magical.

We created something that has strength, something that symbolizes our children’s time of growing up, something that is meant to evoke only positive feelings. These are the Kuukivi Wraps. We create a line of slings that will awaken the inner child of adults and bring the nicest associations with fairy tale characters, woven from the fluffiest, softest, wrapping and soothing fabrics. Do you want to try the new quality of woven baby slings? Have a magical time while babywearing.

You probably know the saying “the sky is the limit”. Nothing limits us.

Let’s make some magic!