Child Of Destiny

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12% tussah silk

88% egyptian cotton

gsm 310g/m2


Materials - our key to success

Learn about our materials and know why is it worth to choose Kuukivi.

Materials - our key to success

Learn about our materials and know why is it worth to choose Kuukivi.

It is a natural fiber, very strong and durable - it is practically indestructible. Its thermoregulatory properties will help to keep warmth in winter days, and in summer will provide a pleasant feeling of coolness. In addition, linen perfectly absorbs moisture, so it is perfect for hot days when the baby or the wearer sweats. Linen is hypoallergenic and biodegradable. With every wear and wash linen becomes softer and more pleasant to the touch. The fine yarn gives the sling its carrying capacity, due to its strength and durability.

Tussah is a fiber of animal origin, extracted from the cocoons of wild-caught silkworms. It has a fine, distinct structure, is soft and clingy. Additionally it is characterized by peculiar smell. It is slightly glossy, wild silk - light, durable and hydroscopic. Wild silk works well as an admixture of scarves. Its fibers are stronger than farmed silk fibers, which makes for a more supportive, cool-to-the-touch shawl. Slings with silk are soft, flowing and do not crease excessively.

Merino wool is thermoactive, which means it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When these fibers come in contact with oxygen, they self-clean (wick away moisture), keeping your skin dry. The wool fibers are extremely flexible, which makes the wrap fit well, and if it wrinkles, it will quickly return to its original appearance. Merino wool does not promote bacterial growth, is stain resistant, and above all, soft and pleasant to the touch. Remember that when buying products made of merino wool, look for those that meet the standards of fair treatment of animals and respect for the environment. And in this case, it should be free from mulesing Mulesing is a cruel procedure performed without anesthesia to prevent the growth of wool in the hindquarters of sheep. The painful shearing of wool is intended to prevent the growth of mites in sheep's clothing, which can cause infections. We strongly oppose such treatments, so we only choose wool that is free of Mulesing.

Cotton is of plant origin and is extracted from cotton seeds. Combed cotton, which is used in our slings, has the strongest and longest fibres. Cotton fabric is natural, so it is not allergic and does not irritate the skin, has a high tensile strength, maintains resistance to high temperatures during washing, and also absorbs moisture. Products with combed cotton are ideal for children, provide softness and are delicate. With our wraps containing this fabric, you give your children the best for their delicate skin.

Egyptian cotton is characterized by long and thin fibers with incredible durability and softness. It is very light and "breathable". In winter it warms up perfectly and in summer it cools down and lets the air pass through, because it adjusts to the body temperature. The material very well lets the air through on hot days and insulates in the winter.

The yarn is delicate, noble, lustrous and very pleasant to the touch. Silk fibers are one of the strongest natural fibers and thanks to them the wrap is strong and does not crease. An additional advantage is the ability of thermoregulation, it breathes and at the same time insulates, not disturbing the natural temperature of a child's body.

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