Which baby sling to buy?

Wondering which baby sling to buy and what length to choose?

The first sling and what is most important when choosing it.

Just as when buying clothes, it is very important to choose the right size, so with a sling it is also very important.
I give you the lengths of slings usually corresponding to the sizes we wear on a daily basis:

– Size 7: 5.2 m (for clothing size 42)

– Size 6: 4.6 m (for a size 40)

– Size 5: 4.2 m (for a size 38)

– Size 4: 3,6 m (for size 36)

– RS: 1,8m

Size 6, or 4.6, is considered to be the most versatile size to start with

Attention Girls!

Remember, choose the right wrap for your body shape and how big or small your baby is. It is always better to choose a longer sling than a shorter one, because the former will allow you to use more variety of tying options. If you are not sure about the size of the sling, ask your experienced friends, or go for a consultation with a babywearing consultant.

A wrap’s weave is a term used to describe the way the fabric is woven. For the first sling it is best to use a cross twill weave, which guarantees that the sling will be well tightened, which will result in proper stabilization of the baby’s position. We also recommend as the first sling, a kind of weave called heart, cone and herringbone weave – these are jacquard weaves and they work very well during knotting.

Sling’s weight is nothing else than its thickness, which is expressed in grams of fabric per square meter of the sling (g/m2).

At the beginning it’s good to choose wrap with the weight of about 200-250 g/m2, because it provides comfort of carrying a baby up to the weight of about 7-8 kg. Later, it is worth to look for a thicker wrap.

For beginners we recommend slings made of 100% cotton, that is a natural fibre.

It is easy to maintain, airy and supportive.